11th May autotest

My first go and motorsport, woohoo! After a few of the CT guys said they’d be going I thought I’d pop along. It was only 40odd miles away in Northampton. Sadly none of them turned up but that means I get 11 points for myself. 😀

Short story long – I’m happy with what I did. At the start I was nine second behind the fastest guy and by the end I was two seconds behind. I can’t ask for more than that. The idea is that the organisers set out cones on a flat surface (grass, gravel, tarmac) and you have to drive a set route around those cones. On this event there were eight course – two attempts at each and the fastest times from each get added together to form a total. Fastest time wins. This was on gravel and the surface was a little uneven to say the least. I won’t be doing it again in the Herald after polishing the inside of the wheelarchs with the tyres…

You learn so much at these events. Not just simple things like car control but also the way these events work. The ideas behind how the cars are used and also what cars. For instance, I made a mistake on one course. I was delighted with myself because my version of it meant going through some very tight lines the wrong way and I thought I’d done really well. 😀 The second attempt saw me make another mistake and I canceled the go by driving off. It wasn’t until I parked up that I was told all I had to do was reverse and start from where I’d made the mistake and that now I’d get the time of the fastest guy plus thirty seconds. Of well. 🙂

Anyhoo here’s a video of the car getting a bit of use… Shame it’s not as fast as I could have gone but I had to do it all in second gear. Ever tried lighting up the rears in second gear even on gravel? 😀