ever start something and then wish you hadn’t bothered

I’ll remove that bumper, make the front of the car look smoother – thinks I. So off comes the bumpers and the ‘W’ strip. As I was drilling the spots-welds out I thought it looked a but rusty but I wasn’t ready for this.

Oh fu…dge. I attacked it with a wire brush, hammer and file only to find holes. Is it just me, or does the next photo look like a scary face.

I have the tools and talent to make it look good. But what’s the point in investing time, money and effort knowing that it’d all look crap after the RBRR. So now I’m on the look-out for a cheap front valance (I’ve not looked at the rear yet…). For now I’ll slap some Hammerite on it. 🙁

I can tell the previous owner has tried to deal with the rust so it was only a matter of time until it would have fallen to pieces. I’d rather be spending on vital parts like suspension etc before the RBRR – and I will be doing so.

Moggy passed – Herald didn’t

Got a nice new ticket for the Moggy. Now I’ve done the brakes (again) they’re so good it’ll put you through the windscreen at 40mph.

The Herald failed on three things;
The horn doesn’t always work when you turn the wheel – contacts must need a clean
The ARB isn’t attached on the off-side – the rubber has pulled through ARB link for some reason, maybe the autotest
The brakes aren’t good enough – not surprising when their database says the car weights 24% more than it does!

I’m booked in for my re-test next Friday and he’s going to contact them during the week to sort this all out. I might have to go and get my car weighed which is no big deal. But if I do I’ll be claiming back the expenses!

Stafford – polishers – turds – Giantmoustache

Very good weekend!

It was decided for Club Triumph to not have a section at Stafford this year but it ended up happening. Most thanks must go to Bill and Karen Davies (Rarebits4classics). Early Saturday morning and probably not much more than half an hour before the show opened we had two cars on the stand and a banner clipped to some chairs. Shortly after it opened and after some rushing around we had five cars. Not only that but the four 2000’s next to us were also CT cars. 🙂

Sorry for the poor photos. They were taken with my phone.

Sunday saw more cars on the stand and a very busy hall. Top banana! The yellow one that is. We also managed to steal a paste table for the banner. A Herald fits between the legs very nicely!

Next year it’s on the 14th,15th and 17th August with a Christmas theme. Club Triumph HAS to be there. Bill and I are already plotting stand ideas. Mwuhaha.

Amoungst the other “events” at the show we saw Alan polishing turds, Resto being released from Sorb’s boot and I managed to sneak a photo of Alan’s favourite drink which he stashes next to his flask in his boot. It’s like a drunk pouring bourbon into his coffee… He uses polish instead.

Behind the scenes of alans blog photo;

Lots of other things happen at Stafford and you miss it if you don’t camp it up as it normally involves drinking and can’t really be repeated here. To give you a taste, think rubber male body parts.