beep beep

When I put the bonnet back on the car I found out my horns had stopped working. I have a Mounty steering wheel and often the inside needs roughing up to get a good connection. With the MOT due I thought I’d sort it out – the result was a melted pencil connector. Odd as it all worked fine before.

I decided to make my own in the end. I’ve got to make one for the 2000 as I’m told they’re a length you can’t buy, I was in a rush and if I melted a new one I could make another easily.

Here’s how it looks when taken apart. The tube and spring are the new ones I’ve used and I’ve added the heat-shrink myself to get a good fit (I later removed it from the bottom bush).

The wise amoungst you will notice the wires aren’t joined. I think a previous owner in the past has shortened the pencil for some odd reason. A small piece of foam was being used to keep it in the correct place inside the steering wheel boss. I think this was the issue. A poor connection resulting in heat.

So I whacked it together with a length of earthing cable, fed on the spring and slipped it together.

It’s stronger than the original and took about as long to make as it does to cut some tube with a knife and solder two pieces of wire together. It seems to work (at the moment) and doesn’t need that crappy bit of foam. MOT is due it two hours…

EMH lives on…

Busy day.

I attacked that rotten bit on the rear wing today. I ripped out a part of the wing to have a look. There’s not much point in listing where it was religious as a photo is much quicker.

So yeah, pretty holy…

A fair bit of chopping later and some shaping of a donated part and it was time to get the welder out. I’ll confess that it looks rather shoddy but is FAR better in person.

And then afterwards it was time to put the wing back on. The old panel fitted nicely and made things simple. I did have to make up a new lip for it – using what metal was left over from the wing repair from earlier.

It’s all ready for the welds to be ground back tomorrow. I thought it was a bit too late to do it tonight…

I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped. I wanted to get some filler and primer on it today but this has taken a good twelve hours(including a facebook break or two and a ham roll). I know a pro would do it quicker and to a higher standard but just think how much this would all cost! It does look like she’ll be going to Stafford in primer, if she makes it.

I also had a slight mishap with the grinder. Those wire brushes fling debris back at you at a fair old pace you know. :mrgreen: Remember kids, always use protection… 😉

I’ve had a shower to remove the iron filings from my skin and to make me look a little less like a coal miner. I’m about to nip into the garage to fit the engine valances and radiator. Yes, I’m fully aware it’s 22:30 as I type this. And yes, I am tired…

Oh, yeah, and the title of this entry? The part which has filled my rusty hole was from a certain green Herald. The car is obviously as stubborn as her owner and refuses to go away. It’s a good thing. 🙂

At last some paint. Well, primer…

I’ve been a bit busy. Last week I kept getting sent to Norfolk and Coventry so never got a chance to do some proper work on the car. Since my last blog entry I’ve welded the chassis, played with the bonnet and connected some wires to the engine. Photo time…

Here be the chassis. It’s not the neatest job in the world but it’s solid. I had to make it in two parts as a shaped section joined to it was also rotten. Underneath it’s far from neat… but it’s attached well. I put a long lever bar in and tried to pull it apart and it didn’t move. I’m not sure if the MOT man will like it.

I’ve finished messing with panels for the bonnet. I’d like to point out two things. One – I’m not restoring the car, I’m simply tarting it up whilst I’ve got the chance. Two – I’m not a panel beater and this is my first attempt. 😉

This is how it used to look;

When this;

…was removed it left this hole;

And this was the arch;

Then onto today…

I’m not happy (when am I ever?) as the shape is off slightly. But.. it’ll do. When putting it back together I found that the arch section I had cut out was a different shape to the section I putting in and that the inner wings on my bonnet are in different positions. It all throws the lines off slightly which is a tad annoying to say the least. The bonnet has also had work done to it in the past which doesn’t help. You can probably see a small amount of paint reaction I’ve got to deal with too.

Still, I’ve learned to weld with mig and gas and to braze. So it’s not a fruitless job. I have no idea what time I’ll get home and I’ve got to attend the committee meeting but tomorrow I hope to get some top coat on after tidying up the things which only appear when you add paint. I need to get this all done by Thursday. Once the bonnet is on I can plumb in the cooling and fuel for the engine. Finish the wires. Fit the new seats. Wire up the gauges. Refit the interior. Cut out and repair the floor by the rear arch. Attach the sill. Re-fit the hood. And then see if it all works.

I’m not going to get it done in time, am I…