Cold air at last!

I thought I’d have a tinker with the rear screen de-mister in the Acclaim today. I’ve tinkered and now it’s got 12v going to through it so hopefully it’s all fine now. I also stripped the switch as it was a pig to get to stay on. Old dry grease was causing the problem and now it works perfectly. Whilst I was at it I gave the fog light switch the same treatment.

The heater in the car has never been 100%. It always put warm air out to your feet no matter what you did and recently the screen de-misting performance has dropped off. I assumed it was the cable (number eight on the image below) for the air distribution which had snapped. I’d not looked at any manuals but I assumed it couldn’t be too different from the Herald. After getting on my knees with my nice and bright BMW torch I saw what the problem was. The cable had popped off and it was floating behind the dash in an awkward spot. I managed to get it back on but what and effort that was. The cable sheath sits in a metal clip and is a tight fit. The end of the cable itself has a loop which appears to simply sit on a prong on the plastic mechanism. It has a natural kink too which means it isn’t exactly a straight job. The only way I could get it back on was by laying on my back in the footwell. I tried pushing it on when on my knees but my arms obviously aren’t long enough as I was crushing my trachea with the steering wheel. Nice!

Anyhoo, it’s all on and working. I put the fan on and heard dust and debris hitting the windscreen – the cable must have been off for years! For the first time I have air going where it should. I can cut off the air going to the feet. The top vents actually put cold air out (I thought they only provided simple ventilation when coasting along which never made sense). So, I’m properly chuffed now. But not so happy about the scratches on my wrist from the plastic of the dashboard. It looks like I’ve tried to slash my wrists whilst blindfolded.