Well Stoneleigh was almost a week ago now and I’ve finally gotten around to typing about it.

My Stoneleigh started earlier than some. I was due to help out setting up the CT stand and was told to get there for 12:30 on the Saturday. I chose to jump in the Acclaim as although I’d hoped to use the Herald I wasn’t fully confident in it. When I got there it turned out the oganisers had changed their minds and the sheds weren’t going to opened up until 2pm. Oh well.

The stand took some time to erect and arrange but was simple enough. Tim Bancroft busted some killer moves when vacuuming. The camera on my phone couldn’t get a shutter speed fast enough to capture him!

When it was all sorted we set off to the hotel. Following Bob King with Tim Hunt navigating him in his *ahem* Pajero we got to the hotel 20 minutes later. A quick rest in the hotel and it was back to Stoneleigh to collect Doogle, sorry, Doug, in the Acclaim. Except I forgot my keys and Bob had his on him. Ooops! So with the aid of my sat-nav we got back to the show grounds, via Stoneleigh Abbey which we found out you CAN’T drive through. Then back to the hotel, arranging how to get to Leamington Spa to meet others on the way.

Hotel meal done and Doogle and Tony Pullis (whose Stag you’ll have seen on our stand) jump in the Acclaim to head off to a pub. On the way there the car felt a little strange but I put that down to the fact three beefy men were in the car. The tyre was rolling despite it still feeling like the tread was in contact with the road. The normal dodgy lot were in the local Wetherspoons, Richard Brake, James, Clive, the Bancroft geezer and others. And some midget with red hair. A while later… and Doug, Tony, Jess and I jump in the Acclaim, do a quick tour of Leamington Spa (lots of Mk1’s around that area…)and head back to the hotel with the Acclaim feeling slightly odder. Must be the ice too!

The next morning and after breakfast the same group jump into the fire-breathing Triomatic and head to the show. Only to be met by Bob waving his arms and pointing out we had a puncture as we left the carpark. That’ll explain the handling then! Doug jumps in with Bob and Tony and I do the worlds fastest wheel change and off to the show we finally head.

All in all it was a very nice show. Lots of laughs, lots of talking, lots of rusty bits I didn’t buy and nipples so cold they could have been snapped off. The club won best stand too, which was rather nice. The show seemed to go on for ages but when most people had left we took the stand down and parted ways.

The next day I started the Acclaim up before heading into work and saw white smoke/steam from under the car. That’ll be the exhaust fudged then! That afternoon I got the punctured tyre replaced as the screw which was embedded in it was too close to the edge of the tread for it to be repaired. I also grabbed a packet of Holts Flexiwrap Ends & Bends from Halfords. The next day I got under the car and had a poke to find some nice holes. So, a new exhaust is needed, but I’m not sure which route I’ll go yet. A new rear silencer is needed but I’ve got a few ideas for what to do with the rest. Anyhoo, I’ll end this blog entry with four poor-quality pictures on the religious zorst.