Hi honey, I’m home

Oh my gosh I’m tired! Got back into the UK around 11:30 this morning. Where did I go? Take a  guess.

Friday – Gatwick to Kiev
Saturday – Tour of Chernobyl and Pripyat
Sunday – Tour of Pervomaysk missile base
Monday – Wander around Kiev
Tuesday – arrive home

I know it’s not Triumph related, but I’ll blog this to CT anyhoo as I think it’s rather cool. I’ve got 600 digital shots to wade through and around 150 film shots to get developed. This may take a while…

Accalim pads

I’m not happy with the pads in the Acclaim. I used it last weekend to see friends in Oxford and the route saw me going down a long winding hill. I wasn’t using the brakes a great deal but I don’t think my passenger was overly impressed when I proclaimed “hmm… not sure we’re going to be able to stop here” as I approached the give way sign at the bottom. There was rather a lot of brake fade along with a rather strong smell. From the pads, not the passenger.

The fluid is new but I’ll give it another flush seeing as I’ve got a set of new front hoses to go on. I’ve decided to replace the cheap pads from eBay with something better. But what? I’ve done some research and the choices are slim. I’ve trawled websites from many manufacturers and I’ve got a list of part numbers and other cars which share the same pads but nothing “sporty”. I’ll throw it out to the forum.

For the record this is what I’ve found. Use it at your own rick etc.

BEDFORD – RASCAL Bus – 1.0 07.86-06.90

BEDFORD – RASCAL Box – 1.0 07.86-06.90

BEDFORD – RASCAL Pickup – 0.8 07.86-06.90

BEDFORD – RASCAL Pickup – 1.0 06.86-06.90

BEDFORD – RASCAL Pickup – 1.0 All-wheel Drive 07.86-06.90

BEDFORD – RASCAL Flatbed / Chassis – 0.8 07.86-06.90

BEDFORD – RASCAL Flatbed / Chassis – 1.0 06.86-06.90

BEDFORD – RASCAL Flatbed / Chassis – 1.0 All-wheel Drive 07.86-06.90

HOLDEN – SCURRY Bus (NB) – 1.0 09.92-08.98

HOLDEN – SCURRY Bus (NB) – 1.0 07.85-12.87

HONDA – CIVIC Hatchback (SB, SS) – 1300 L (SS) 09.79-09.83

HONDA – CIVIC (SL) – 1300 L 09.80-09.83

SUZUKI – ALTO 0.8 1981 – 1993

Make and OE #

BEDFORD 5521078

HONDA 45022SA0660

HONDA 45022SA0670

HONDA 45022SA0999HE

HONDA 45022SA0N50

HONDA 45022SA0N51

HONDA 45022SA0N52

SUZUKI 5512078460

SUZUKI 5520056850000

SUZUKI 5520056851000

SUZUKI 5520060B50000

SUZUKI 5520070860

SUZUKI 5520070860000

SUZUKI 5520070861

SUZUKI 5520070862

SUZUKI 5521056A50

SUZUKI 5521056A50000

SUZUKI 5521078450000

SUZUKI 5521078460

SUZUKI 5521078460000

SUZUKI 5521084500

SUZUKI 5521085000

SUZUKI 5521085000000

SUZUKI 5521085200000

SUZUKI 55210M84500

SUZUKI 55210M84520

SUZUKI 55210M84550

SUZUKI 5520056852000

SUZUKI 5520070820000

SUZUKI 5520070820



VAUXHALL 91144333

Brand and code

Mintex MDB1184
QH BP191
Tarox 1220 (maybe)