I hope I’m that good in two years

The Acclaim had her MOT test today, on her 29th birthday. Sailed through no problems and the emissions test was easily passed. That made me chuffed seeing as I’d thrown it together from parts not designed for the car.

Next year she’s 30 and hopefully it’ll all be just as easy then as it was today. Safe to say that even though I’m two years younger than the car, I’m nowhere near as healthy!


Woohoo, it’s done at last. I hope.

Last Sunday I spent the day fiddling with the exhaust on the Acclaim. I was looking forward to it for some reason but in the end it wasn’t as much fun as I’d hoped, for various reasons. Yet again I’m not happy with something, but it’ll do. It doesn’t sit where planned or wanted but that’s because I had to make a clamped join on a short bend. I could have done a better job but it was getting late and the car was needed the next day. It works, that’s what counts. I’ll spam with pictures as it’s far easier for me!

Everything ready to make an exhaust system.

The old and very much dead silencer

Old next to new. You can see what had to be fiddled with to get it to fit. I couldn’t straighten the end with heat so it was cut and welded.

The removed center section. Seemed pointless to keep it even though it looked ok. I didn’t want to have to revisit this job six months later.

New center section, half made.

Center section fixed up.

Rear silencer and it’s very hard to seal join.

And how it now looks.