two down, two to go…

So this is how the off-side looked this morning;

These are the home made bad boys going on;

First the rotty one was cut out as well as the “metal” beneath it. All the inside of the a-post looks fine. Old, but fine.

Then the front one which looked fine underneath until I smashed it hard with a screwdriver. Better to make sure there’s no thin metal left.

15 cups of tea (cheers, Dave) and one amazing cheap take-away pizza later this is what it looks like;

I had to stop early as I’ve got plans for the evening (I’m putting on my chefs hat) but tomorrow I’ll tidy up the rest of this side and then start on the other. Which looks like this right now…

why not the Herald?

I thought I’d pre-empt a few questions at tomorrow’s autosolo. I’m going to have to do it in the Acclaim this year, which could prove interesting! Zero chance of picking up another trophy so I may as well relax, socialise and have fun. So anyway, why not the Herald? Because it’s fooked! And I’m now having to commute in a Volvo P1800SE… Life’s a bitch.

I did a pre-MOT check the other week (two weeks after the MOT expired, oops) and found a few holes around the bottom of the o/s a-post. See, photos…

So a plan was hatched to replace it with another. Yet that has turned out to need some work as well! No big deal, at least I can do it all “off car” and spend some time getting it spot on. I also don’t know the full extent of the current bulkhead unless I remove it so that could of ended up being even worse. All the inside of the frame etc will be treated, new body mounts, battery relocated, etc. See progress photos below. I’m too knacked to put words to them and I’m having a well deserved beer (or four) after spending six hours ingesting underseal which is almost 50 years old. The smart people will spot it’s an early bulkhead (1962). I’ve checked the mounting points and it’ll fit my ’68. I have to say I wish this was all a lot quicker to do than it is. I picked it up two weekends ago and today was the first free day I had to do any work to it. How hum. On by winter, I hope! Then I’ll start work on the fibreglass bonnet, the tweaked engine and finally the 2000 sils!