Mini cap on an Acclaim

Despite not getting in until 12:30am this morning and consuming a little too much beer last night my body decided it would be a good idea to wake me up at 5:30am. So after far too many hours fannying around online I decided to be more productive. I’d always wanted a lockable fuel cap on the Acclaim despite the flap having a lock already. It just seemed like it would seal better and perhaps stop some fumes/leaks just after filling the tank up. When the Herald cap got stuck on last week I asked on the forum if an original Mini cap would fit only to be told no, it was too big and had two prongs rather than the Herald’s three. Ahha! The Acclaim has two prongs… A quick nose on eBay saw me taking a punt on one which was less than £3.50.

When it arrived I test fitted it and it was a no-go. A closer look showed that the prongs were too large. So this morning I stripped the unit and attacked it with a file. For the record, they need to be no wider than 7mm. Their length also needs a quick trim. To take it apart remove the pin at its tip – do so carefully as there’s a large spring which may make you jump.

Here it is broken down;

Who needs the gym?

I’ll try and make this quick.

Over the last week or so the lower wing has been painted and all is fine. It looks fecking terrible in daylight but aww well. Dirt will soon hide that and hopefully the rear tub will be replaced in a couple of years. The exhaust got a slight tweak so that it no longer fires up into the valance. It was making the paint rather hot and after a short run you couldn’t touch that part of the car. The gases couldn’t have been doing many good things to the metal either.

Saturday I mostly faffed around getting the car outside and cleaning up the garage. No idea what people walking past the house thought when they saw me hoovering the carpet in the garage! I got the doors on and adjusted then turned to the bonnet. No matter what I did I couldn’t get the n/s to sit nicely which I found out was down to it no longer being attached to the bonnet tube there! The catch on the o/s also doesn’t meet the bulkhead. It’s probably got all kinds of bentness going on. Safe to say, the bonnet shut-lines look shite and is well beyond any reasonable effort to put right.

Sunday Mr Dave came over, which turned out to be rather helpful! I’ve cut the ends off the front tube/bumper thingy as they were rotten and at this point found out it’s clearly had a bump in the past and had the tube bent back to normal.

Oh, and whilst I’m here, if your brackets which hold the front valance look like mine, they’re shagged.

Then I set about attacking the 2000, which is where Mr Dave came in handy. Once petrol was added and the hole caused by mice in the servo hose sorted out it fired up a treat. Slight issue though, the clutch was stuck, the n/s rear brake was struck and it was parked tightly into a hedge! At this point I didn’t know the brake was stuck so set about pulling it out by hand thinking is was just tight and would free up with a bit of movement – with Mr Dave inside the car to stamp on the brakes just in case it started to roll over me. Three feet later (as bourne by witness marks on the block paving from the tyre) I was knackered, now aware the brake was stuck on and the car was far enough forward to be “bumped” to the right with two people on the back lifting. Ever tried pulling a 2000 along the ground and then lifting them? They’re sodding heavy… Anyhoo, I put the rear on axle stands, started her up in gear, gave a blip of the throttle and stamped on the brakes with the clutch depressed. That got the clutch off easily and all I had to do for the brake was give it a few swift smacks with a lump hammer and some wood. She got a clean and a polish and was parked back in her spot. Hopefully she’ll be going into covered storage soon.

Whilst the 2000 was accessible I took her front seats out to see if they’d fit in the Herald. It just about works, but is far too tight in my opinion so I’ll not be getting the black ones I really wanted. I’m thinking now of rebuilding the original ones in the car. I’d love recliners for events and just to make it more comfortable, but the b-post makes that idea almost redundant.

I finished up the day by stripping the inside of the car and slapping on some paint. The aim is for a rust-free floor pan and chassis with the outside looking reasonable. I’m slowly getting there.

Hmmm, that wasn’t really that short, was it. Righto, I’m off to cook a curry ready for lunch and nip to the gym. Hopefully the paint I’ve put on this morning will be dry after that and I can fit the new carpets.


So, been doing some more welding this weekend. Everything was cut out, new bits made and some welded in on Saturday but I stopped early as I didn’t want to make any noise with the angle grinder after 5pm. Having done this type of repair a couple of times already I’m finding it fairly simple. Then Sunday afternoon I finished it off but again had to stop because I felt it was too late to grind back the welds. Today I attacked it for a while and I’ve slapped on some oxide paint which I’m waiting to dry as I type. I should get a skim of filler on it before going out tonight but doubt I’ll get any primer on top like I wanted to.

I would have got more done on Sunday except I had to do some work on the Acclaim. It started to make a grounching noise from the n/s/f as you slowed down on Friday and the only idea I had were the brake pads must be getting low. I had my doubts as before the HCR I checked to see how much meat they had on them and all seemed fine. Anyhoo, turns out there was no material left on one of the pads and the rest were well past their best and due replacement. They’ve lasted less than 20k miles which is crap. I’ve never been happy with them since I fitted them. They have no real feel and fade easily. Happily I bought some asbestos ones at the NEC last year so grabbed them only to find they were nowhere near the right size or shape. That obviously made me less than happy but luckily I had another spare set… Sadly they’re identical to the ones I hated before but I had no choice so had to use them.

Straight away I went online and bought some EBC Ultimax. I hate EBC Green Stuff, I think they’re shite but as these are meant to be OEM spec and what’s on there now is rubbish anyway I thought I may as well try them. Now I’m left with a choice, let the rubbish ones wear down or fit the EBC ones right away?