Acclaim headlight levelers – I knew it was worth going ginger….

When repairing the A-post I managed to catch the pipe for the headlight adjusters with an angle grinder. Bugger. I checked the workshop manuals I have and they all said that the whole system requires replacement. Bollocks to that. If it can be replaced then it can be played with.

First remove the headlight to find the actuators. These are held in by two 10mm bolts.

At the back you’ll find a small screw which you can use to fill up and bleed the system. Don’t remove the pipework as it’s 5mmm very small ID and a pain in the arse to get back on – I assume it’s been made hard through age and its contents.

Inside the car you’ll find the actuator control. I have a Troimatic and I don’t know how the manual cars tidy away their system. On mine you can remove the trim with four cross head screws. Two are on either side and two are hidden underneath the actuator knob plate. The knob can removed by carefully prising it off and the bit behind it covering the screws pops off. The bracket holding the control is held onto the bodywork with two 10mm nuts. Behind the unit you’ll see two pipes going to it which are independent and not joined together. You’ll also find two more screws which you can use to feed the system.

Remove the screws from the control, attach something containing the fluid you want to add, remove the screws on the actuators and then fill the system until it comes out of the actuator. Get someone to put the screw in to make the system sealed at that end, remove your filly bottle and put their screws back in. Jobbed!

I used anti-freeze as it’s pretty much what was in there in the first place. And for filling it I used an old hair dye bottle.