going green

The Herald has it’s MOT at last. It ran out last Friday so a few days before I took it down to a station I’d not used before and got them to do it. It failed on the handbrake as the off-side wasn’t working properly. I took it back home and adjusted it and took it back the next day. The near-side had improved but the offside was exactly the same. So, it must be an issue between the compensator and the shoes on that side.

It took all the rear brakes apart. The hydraulics were fine but I thought I’d strip it all down and put it all back. That way I knew for certain everything was ok. I also pulled the cable about and could find nothing wrong. The only idea being that perhaps the chassis bracket was catching, possibly worn so it was grabbing the cable. But no, it’s all clear and free.

Work got canceled at 6am this morning so after doing some small jobs I nipped down to see if he’d slip it in. He was going to put it on the rollers for me to see whether or not it’d pass before putting it through the full MOT. Rather good of him! He told me to bring it down in half an hour which I did and it was all fine. So the car has another nice advisory free MOT.

Gotta say I was impressed with the local station and although the guy testing me is only helping his mate out whilst he’s on holiday I know I’ll be taking the Acclaim and 2000 down there. He got me to be his assistant, going up on the ramp, checking the steering etc. He also got me to do the handbrake test today. It’s rather refreshing to go somewhere and not be treated like a fool or find someone scared of the health and safety police.

On the first day I bumped into someone who knew of CT. He was getting his Lotus 7 tested and used to do our old Autosolos in it as part of an invited club. Today an old Ford Popular was in there before me. Old cars are brilliant instant ice-breakers.

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