you can’t beat a small car fire in the morning

This is rather topical with all the talk of electronic ignition.

Started the car up to get it warm so I can put it back in the garage to try and sort out this low oil pressure issue and went into the kitchen to sip on my cold coffee. I could hear the car chugging along with a low exhaust note when it suddenly stopped. Normally I’d not take much notice then pop out in a few minutes to start it again but this time I took a slow waddle outside. Sat in it and wondered where the smoke was coming from. At first I thought it was my breath but then there was a little bit more. And it was coming from under the near-side of the bonnet. And then the off-side. Opened it up and through the smoke saw some cute little flames. The leccy ignition was a little warm…

Swapped it for the old points and an old dissy cap (the rotor arm gets pushed higher with the leccy and it’d damaged the center contact) and off we went.

It’s an Aldon bought two maybe three years ago and has done God knows how many miles. 25k+ at a guess.



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