catch tank

For this make children, you will need;
1 old flask which has not been used for a few years and which has a curious smell which just won’t shift
1 straight 15mm compression joint
1 crankcase vent filter (£8.99 in Halfords – £3.99 eBay)
some glue
and a bit of pipe

The bits minus the filter

The compression joint attached to the flask. A ole was cut in the side and it was glued in and then the nut done up on the inside to bring it all together and maintain the sealed air space between the walls of the flask

And then the filter had to be glued onto the flask lid, after a hole was cut in it. To keep the number of pictures down here’s one of the whole thing on the car – it’s sitting tucked in the corner of where the near-side engine valance and radiator meet

And in this one you can just about make out what it’s caught in 20 miles when running without the filter (as I was waiting for it to arrive in the post) – almost all of it being water

All in all, it looks a bit like a small flask with a filter stuck on the top, which it is. But it’s a shiny stainless steel one, cost me less than £6 and can easily be removed to be emptied or removed. This is just a fiddle to see what difference it makes and to see what the engine was burning other than petrol and air. For now the mushroom is still on the inlet manifold but with a blanked off pipe preventing it from becoming an air-leak.

2 thoughts on “catch tank”

  1. Genius! Blue Peter would be proud! Mind you it’s not quite plasticky enough to be worthy of a badge, and you failed to use any sticky backed plastic nor any part of a washing up bottle.

    However jamming the compression joint through a hole and applying liberal amounts of glue to plug the gap, and sticking the filter to the lid has definately clawed back some points. Heath Robinson would be proud!

    Well done, though. Seriously great and simple fix to a problem.

  2. Even better, just get the pipe from the rocker cover and dangle it below the car, no need for catch tanks when all you will catch is some water vapour 🙂 Thats a dead easy solution, and it WORKS 🙂

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