it’s good being a man

It means I can do some shopping in a supermarket, visit two Halfords branches, pop into Kwik-Fit and be home in less than two hours. 45 minutes of which were spent driving.

Today’s major plan of action was to sort out an exhaust for the Acclaim. I’d tried where people had been successful before but after they took the money for the whole system reported that they couldn’t get it any more. They offered to find another source and to their credit they did, for £650. Hopefully the money will be returned to the account as quickly as it was taken out.

I phoned up Kwik-Fit Luton yesterday and he couldn’t source one for me either but offered to take a look to see what could be done. I only wanted a back-box at this point as I’d already decided to make the rest of the system myself.

So I pop in and he has a look at a couple and we decide they’re all too big. He asks me what I’m doing in an hour and I arrange to come back after a trip into Dunstable. The guy I was dealing with was called Ian and he was a nice guy. When I returned he put it up on the ramps and we tried a few more and again decide none were any good. There’s a bend in the inlet pipe we were trying to match which was causing problems. He calls over his colleague and he tries another with no luck. Then he offers me the chance to go looking through their stock upstairs so all three of us trundle up there and try a couple of options and decide to settle on one from a 1.9lt diesel Renault. It’s not ideal, will need heating, bending, a bit of welding and some brackets made. It’s a case of needs must and was the only thing likely to do the job. And all it cost was £55 instead of the £90 it should have.

Top service!

All I need to do now is order the other pipework and find the time to make the new system before its MOT in November. Gonna be tight as time is precious and next Saturday I’ve got a Q&A session with the guys I went to Ukraine with for a magazine.


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