say “goodmornoon” to Poppy

My new car. A 1981 Triumph Acclaim HLS Trio. 🙂

I’ve had to do some work to her and she’s now nice and shiny. So far only one person has said they think she’s ugly! 😀

Why Poppy? She was first registered on 11/11/1981, I saw (and bought, I say) her on the 11th and she’s red.

That’s before shinyfication, this is after.

More ego-boosting Chatterton style photos later.

One thought on “say “goodmornoon” to Poppy”

  1. Lovely… job with the polishing. Looks like you brought that bonnet back from the grave.

    “I disapprove of what you buy, but I will defend to the death your right to buy it” – Volhutch

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