No going back now…

With so much forced holiday at work I was hoping to get loads done to the Herald. As it turned out I’ve done sod all! 5 and a bit bottles of wine at Christmas took a bit out of me… and the garage only became free a few hours ago. Once the car was inside I jumped straight to work watching a blu-ray (Limitless is a great film) and going out to get my hair cut. Anyhoo, when I got round to it I started to strip the bulkhead. About five hours later (including food and arsing around) it looked like this;


So tomorrow I’ll put all the bits away, remove the carbs, get the bulkhead off, cut out the battery box to make a cradle for the boot and cut off the heater box so it can be bolted to the new bulkhead. The reason for bolting it is so I can get paint all over the inside without worrying. It seems that they left the factory with little or no protection in there and the one on the new bulkhead had rotted as a result.

Speaking of which, last Friday it looked a bit like this;


Except it’s now had the paint stripped, battery, wiper and heater box removed and the holes left from removing spot welds welded up. Still loads to do but as I’m now working inside rather than a tent I hope things will get done ten time faster! Before I could only do work in daylight hours at weekend.

To reward myself I’m rather quickly making my way through a bottle of Lagunilla Rioja. *hic*

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