ever start something and then wish you hadn’t bothered

I’ll remove that bumper, make the front of the car look smoother – thinks I. So off comes the bumpers and the ‘W’ strip. As I was drilling the spots-welds out I thought it looked a but rusty but I wasn’t ready for this.

Oh fu…dge. I attacked it with a wire brush, hammer and file only to find holes. Is it just me, or does the next photo look like a scary face.

I have the tools and talent to make it look good. But what’s the point in investing time, money and effort knowing that it’d all look crap after the RBRR. So now I’m on the look-out for a cheap front valance (I’ve not looked at the rear yet…). For now I’ll slap some Hammerite on it. 🙁

I can tell the previous owner has tried to deal with the rust so it was only a matter of time until it would have fallen to pieces. I’d rather be spending on vital parts like suspension etc before the RBRR – and I will be doing so.

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