Righto, the plan was to slap some exterior metal paint on the inside of the floor pans today but that went tits-up when I ordered it. Turns out that following the instructions on Screwfix’s site which says you’ll be able to collect it from the shop that day actually means naff all. So that will all have the wait until Saturday which is a slight annoyance. Lack of paint is the only thing stopping me from putting it back on the chassis.

Anyhoo, instead I fitted the oil cooler I bought from Rob. Word of warning to anyone buying a second hand one. Just because someone has a similar or even the same car as you doesn’t mean that they’ll mount it in the same way as you. Twas a bit of a faff with the pipes but got it sorted in the end. Also managed to relocate the air filter so it’s now off the valance in preparation for the fibreglass jobbie going on. Some will suggest I’ve mounted it in the wrong place as it’s not fully in the air flow but… the bonnet will be getting a few holes cut into it including a pencil moustache style one in front of the oil cooler. Also, the horns aren’t mounted where they normally would be and there’s a TR6 K&N air filter sitting there as well, so not a huge amount of space. Oh, and excuse the state of the bonnet. I gave up caring once I decided I was going to fit a fibreglass one and like I’ve said before, it’s been a looooooooooong time since it has been washed…



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