how not to hang a door and other such rubbish

So, after finding the chassis was wrong and then correcting it the last thing I wanted to find was that the doors no longer fit…

The o/s aperture is 10mm larger than the n/s and this is the result, a door which won’t shut! The n/s rear of the tub sits about an inch higher than the other so I’ve always suspected the body was on the piss and now I know for certain it is. I’ve got some new out-riggers to go on the rear which I plan to do properly by removing the rear tub – this has hastened that job! But, for now I’m cheating and very much bodging. I can’t have the car off the road any longer and this week has been crap as I’ve not been feeling well so effectively have got bollocks all done. So, the cheat…


The rectangular spacer will go between the door hinge and door to bring it back. It’s a method I hate because it’s wrong, but needs must right now and it’s not going to be permanent. The other pieces are shims to bring the door away from the bulkhead.

And now onto the Acclaim. I planned on doing a lot of HCR preparation but parts have gone missing. I have no idea where the new o/s door mirror has gone so I’m stuck with the shitty one where a previous owner has stuck glass over a broken piece. Still, I did get the oil changed, the gearbox level was spot-on and I fiddled with the wiper. The o/s doesn’t clear the screen at 50mph+ any more so I took the arm off to “adjust” it and to my delight found this!




Slightly borked! So, I’m going to try and remove them at some point (after the HCR!) and have a bloody good look. Obviously I’ll need to be careful when removing them but with a bit of patience and perseverance I’m sure they’ll come. Then I’ll turn some new ones up on the lathe.

I also tweaked the seat in mind of Darren who procraimed it had “original saggy seats”. To do so I whipped the seat out of the car and added some foam between the original foam and seat diaphragm. Slight issue now as it’s like sitting on a giant cushion! So, I’ll probably take it out again and use a thinner piece, it takes less than 15 minutes to do.. Mr Dave is popping round later tonight so I’ll see what he makes of it.

From something like this;

To this;

Now, I’m off to get put down by the vet and get some new Toyo’s fitted to the Acclaim.

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