plates, insurance and seeing an old friend

I’d been meaning to get some new number plates for the Acclaim since I got her 4/5 years ago. I’d planned to get German style metal plates as I felt it’d suit the boxy lines of the car. Typically I never got around to it, until this week. Someone (not me!) didn’t see a small wall when parking the car and managed to remove to front plate without realising! I’d forgotten you now need to send off ID when getting plates until I started trawling websites. So, a quick look on eBay and I found myself some pressed aluminum plates I could get a lot more quickly. They’re not German style and they’re reflective. Might keep the Police away… I didn’t realise how bad the old ones were until I took a snap with the flash on.

Next job yesterday was to sort out the car insurance. I got a renewal letter and the cost of my premium had gone up by 90%. So I did some quick phoning around and no-one could match it. One actually said I’d had a really good deal! So I phoned my original broker back to find out what had changed and apparently they made a mistake a couple of years ago. All the cars are insured to be parked on the road at night and they’d been charging the price for storing them all in a garage. Ahh well. If I want to be pragmatic I can say this years insurance is effectively free and £250 for three cars parked on a road in Luton isn’t bad.

Now my old friend. A few years ago I repaired the n/s area in front of the rear wheel on the Herald. Soon afterwards rust started to appear and I assumed I’d left a pin hole in the paint. Seeing as I have to repair a section next to that anyway I thought I’d rip it all off and do it in one. What has actually rusted is the old metal I’d used, not the new. I’d tried to be clever and use as much of the old metal as possible but that obviously had a touch of rust on it I’d not seen but disturbed. Shouldn’t take long to sort out and I’m happy to be doing it as I’m not impressed by how I did it before! What I did before is safe and stable but clearly my methods and techniques have changed for the better as I’d never do it like this again! Here is the bit of rot I’m gonna remove at the bottom of the b-post. I’ll replace the rear tub in the future…

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