So, been doing some more welding this weekend. Everything was cut out, new bits made and some welded in on Saturday but I stopped early as I didn’t want to make any noise with the angle grinder after 5pm. Having done this type of repair a couple of times already I’m finding it fairly simple. Then Sunday afternoon I finished it off but again had to stop because I felt it was too late to grind back the welds. Today I attacked it for a while and I’ve slapped on some oxide paint which I’m waiting to dry as I type. I should get a skim of filler on it before going out tonight but doubt I’ll get any primer on top like I wanted to.

I would have got more done on Sunday except I had to do some work on the Acclaim. It started to make a grounching noise from the n/s/f as you slowed down on Friday and the only idea I had were the brake pads must be getting low. I had my doubts as before the HCR I checked to see how much meat they had on them and all seemed fine. Anyhoo, turns out there was no material left on one of the pads and the rest were well past their best and due replacement. They’ve lasted less than 20k miles which is crap. I’ve never been happy with them since I fitted them. They have no real feel and fade easily. Happily I bought some asbestos ones at the NEC last year so grabbed them only to find they were nowhere near the right size or shape. That obviously made me less than happy but luckily I had another spare set… Sadly they’re identical to the ones I hated before but I had no choice so had to use them.

Straight away I went online and bought some EBC Ultimax. I hate EBC Green Stuff, I think they’re shite but as these are meant to be OEM spec and what’s on there now is rubbish anyway I thought I may as well try them. Now I’m left with a choice, let the rubbish ones wear down or fit the EBC ones right away?

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