Mini cap on an Acclaim

Despite not getting in until 12:30am this morning and consuming a little too much beer last night my body decided it would be a good idea to wake me up at 5:30am. So after far too many hours fannying around online I decided to be more productive. I’d always wanted a lockable fuel cap on the Acclaim despite the flap having a lock already. It just seemed like it would seal better and perhaps stop some fumes/leaks just after filling the tank up. When the Herald cap got stuck on last week I asked on the forum if an original Mini cap would fit only to be told no, it was too big and had two prongs rather than the Herald’s three. Ahha! The Acclaim has two prongs… A quick nose on eBay saw me taking a punt on one which was less than £3.50.

When it arrived I test fitted it and it was a no-go. A closer look showed that the prongs were too large. So this morning I stripped the unit and attacked it with a file. For the record, they need to be no wider than 7mm. Their length also needs a quick trim. To take it apart remove the pin at its tip – do so carefully as there’s a large spring which may make you jump.

Here it is broken down;

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