Fail, but not an epic one

I’ve spent the last few days tinkering with the Herald and yesterday booked it in for an MOT today. It’s been a bit annoying really. I spent a most of the day fitting a replacement hood frame, which didn’t fit. Then I fitted a replacement hood, which ripped.

Anyhoo, I did some more pre-MOT stuff. Put the legal lights on, fitted seatbelts, took the noisy exhaust off and adjusted the handbrake with the car on ramps. That last one isn’t easy, but doable. This afternoon I headed off to the station for it’s £35 test and on the way noticed one of the headlights didn’t work. I had a fiddle outside but there was no joy. I went in and waited nervously. A while later a head pops in and asks if I have an electric fan fitted to which I replied yes. “Has it got a switch?” “No, it’s got a sensor.” “Oh, well it’s just boiled up and chucked water everywhere.” He also told me one of the track rod ends was shagged.

No big deal really. The fan has been sorted (bad connection) and I’ve driven over 30 miles with no water before so know the engine will be fine… Two TRE’s have been ordered and I hope they arrive by Wednesday so I can fit them in the evening. The headlight was down to a duff connection. But, typically, whilst I’m at it I’m relocating the oil cooler, the air filter and the horns. I’m also putting in a much bigger fan. One day I’ll learn to only do the jobs which need doing and not find lots of others!

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