It was like that when I found it, honest!

So the wiper switch on the Acclaim has been a pain for ages. To get the intermittent action to work you have to lean on the switch lightly which is annoying. It’s also started to effect the normal swipe action. So today at 4pm I thought it’d be wise to go outside in the wind and rain and strip it all in the dark. I’d also heard these are non-repairable… so so wise! I’ll let the pictures do the talking as they show how to remove it all. Safe to say the proper manual by Triumph and Autobooks was incorrect about removing the steering wheel and other points! Apparently everything un-clips, which it doesn’t. Mine’s held in by three screws, one of which is blocked by the cowling which needs to be removed to access it. You’ll notice it’s still there… The fault is worn brushes. I cleaned it up and whacked it together and it’s better, but tomorrow I’ll spend more time on it as I’ll be able to see what I’m doing then. And for anyone else giving it a go, watch out for the spring loaded ball bearing you can see on the tip of the arm in the last snap.

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