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Did some work on the Herald today, which is looking rather Mazda shaped right now. The plan was to test fit the wheels to the Acclaim then remove the immobiliser. After getting one off and offering it up to the Acclaim I confirmed the PCD was correct but the locator was too big. Balls, they looked quite good!

Then my parcel from Euro Car Parts finally arrived so I attacked it with a service. First off the coolant was drained and flushed then refilled with a flushing agent. The job after that was to get the engine warm and add some engine flush. Oh, whilst I remember it. In 2009 I bought an oil filter for the Acclaim from Halfords but it turned into a month long saga with the filter being cancelled and re-ordered and then when it arrived it was far too small. Guess what I found out it fits today! Maybe Halfords was trying to tell me something all that time ago? So yeah, engine was left to run for 20 minutes and then it was time to drain the oil. By the way, I only flushed it because it was pretty clean inside. If it was full of gunk I’d have been too worried about dislodging something and just lived with it whilst doing frequent oil changes. Then it was under the car and off with the drain plug, or not. It took a three foot tube on my T-bar to get the bloody thing off in a plume of aluminium dust as it released. The oil was draining nicely as I was deciding the best way to clean the driveway after it had finished… As it was draining I thought about locating the clutch slave cylinder to see if I could bleed it. The clutch was so high when I got it that the car needed a back seat to allow you to use it, the fluid was below minimum and it was black. This was solved by adjusting it at the pedal but it was still soft. I’d already checked earlier and it’s guestimated to be a 5/8 bore, same as the Herald – bonus! Should be nice and easy to plumb in then. It turns out you bleed to clutch from the engine bay as long as you have a motor factors entire stock of socket extensions. Luckily the nipple (giggle) wasn’t seized so the fluid was flushed and the pedal appears to be a tad better.

Sump plug in, oil filter on, oil in engine. Jobbed. Then it was time to remove the flushing agent in the cooling system. I had to drain the system by removing the bottom hose though, as the clever Japanese people had put a cross head on the drain plug which turned into a lovely circle when I tried to remove it. I did manage not to get soaked the four times I had to take it off. Flushy flush flushy flush. Fill up with anti freeze and water then wonder if I can be arsed to replace the fuel filter. Nope. Instead I set to cleaning the K&N which is blacker than Coalie McCoal the coal miner. This is when I discover it isn’t even attached to the car! Washy wash wash with degreaser and some very strong detergent. It’s now drying and awaiting some thin oil to be applied. So I think feck it, I may as well do the fuel filter too. It isn’t in the engine bay like I thought though but under the car behind a cover. Once the fuel had been de-pressurised and the hoses clamped the job was pretty straight forward. Afterwards you prime it by shorting two terminals in the diagnosis terminal under the bonnet and it was time to call it a day.

See, this is what happens with I don’t include photos. Tomorrow I’ll try and remove the immobiliser and factory fitted Mazda alarm.

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