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So there I am working in the garage when the postman walks up and calls me a traitor! When I ask why he jokes that I’ve defected by buying a Japanese car. Cue five minute conversation of my plans and him recalling when he owned a 948 as his first car.

Wen I bought the Mazda I wasn’t given an old MOT but was told it had a short one and I haven’t received the V5C yet so couldn’t check when the MOT run out. The one before the current one expired 18/03/2013 so I thought it was going to end around now and seeing as I want to change a few things on the engine and prove its reliability to myself I booked it in to my normal station and made the half mile trip. By the way, don’t these heat up quickly. Over 6lt of water in the system and it was already putting out warm air when I arrived. Give him my keys, he brings it into the workshop to warm up and logs into the MOT computer. Short story short, it’s got over a months MOT left on it! He tells me to stop apologising and doesn’t charge me as he gets 5-7 cars a years to test from us.

Ok, onto more useful progress. All of my other time yesterday was spent getting the fibreglass bonnet on. A bit of advice for anyone thinking of getting one – they fit like shit and don’t buy a used one. I have no idea who made the holes in this one for the hoop or catches but Stevie Wonder could have done a better job. It’s too long in some places, too short in others, the material is too thick meaning it doesn’t sit on the bulkhead properly and the catches don’t sit correctly, the apertures for the headlight bowls are too small and… I’ll stop whining. It’s on and I just need to get the o/s lights fitted before a bit of de-rusting to some brackets and glassing in of others.

Yes, it fits like shit. But at least it won’t rust!

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