Getting there!

So yesterday felt like a wasted day. It was spent playing with the fuel pump which was found to be leaking etc. To be honest, I can’t really remember what progress was made other than painting badges and making brackets! Today was a little different. Before my dentist appointment at noon I had the car jacked down, the gearbox out and the engine removed and taken up the top of the garden – I can confirm they’re heavy (125kg according to the CT thread)!

On my return it was time to have a go at getting the Mazda engine it, which wouldn’t fit. Out it came, brake lines removed and a chunk of bulkhead carefully measured and cut out. Back in and, woohoo! It all fits nicely, the pulley has been reduced as well by the way. Only thing to do now is sort out the mountings and it’s in. I’m going to reuse the original ones. They mount into a metal cup, I’m going to turn this back on itself, cut it to 55 degrees and then weld it to the chassis. Doing it this was should also allow the the alternator to stay where it is. I’m going to cut away the (now pointless) casting on the gearbox where the power plant frame attached to it and this will allow me to lower it to a sensible and usable height.

I do have an issue though, the exhaust. It’s going to be a pig as it sits at completely the wrong angle so will require some thinking. Any advice welcome! Tomorrow will hopefully be spent trimming the wiring loom then Saturday I’ll get welding.

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