Oo-ee-oo I look just like Buddy Holly. Oh-oh and you’re Mary Tyler Moore

Small progress right now. I had a bit of a session Friday night and woke up on Saturday around 8am far drunker than when I went to bed. Still, had to get the hacksaw out and tweak the gearbox to allow it to fit into the chassis. Engine mounts were played with (and possibly fitted, or that could have been Sunday, dunno…) and then it was time for more beer. Sunday the gearbox remote was shortened (then I went off for a BBQ and wine) and yesterday thrown in the car. Today the propshaft will be worked on and after that the exhaust can be played with and then it’ll be the bulkhead and fuel pump! Bit worried about the propshaft now as others (at least Seth) have been able to use spacers to fill the gap between the Triumph diff and Mazda propshaft. As I’m far closer the spacer required may be too small to be practical or it may even need shortening! We’ll see. I found out why the Acclaim has been getting louder as well. Oh, and the dash plans have been finalised.

Oh, also had fun with the badge on the back of the car and was given a sticker last night. It won’t be getting Megsquirt for a while, it’s more of a private joke and a few of us have them on our cars now. And, you know, everyone loves a squirter. 😉

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