getting sloppy

I think I’m getting tired from all this work. Last week my back gave a twinge and it just did the same when I went out to removed some brackets from the Mazda engine bay. Monday I made a mistake when removing a roll pin from the gearbox and yesterday I lengthened the bracket which holds the steering column in place then when I got under the car found a piece of it had fallen on the floor without me realising so now it may need shortening. Gah! I also spent some time removing the pedals from the Mazda, removing the bracket which holds the clutch switch and welded it to the Herald clutch pedal. Then when walking to the shed to get paint for it remembered I had a spare Herald brake pedal which I’d planned to use the night before… I wonder if all the booze has anything to do with this, seeing as it’s the first morning I’ve not had a hangover in almost a week. Oops!

Other jobs done yesterday: Gearbox mounted. The Mazda throttle pedal was lashed up. It’s not a great run but it’ll do to get the car rolling. The intake manifold bracket was tested for fit, and works. The alternator was put on. Some of the intake pipework was fitted to test for radiator placement. I won’t be able to use the Mazda one so spent some time on eBay looking at radiators and might buy a Hyundai Accent one. An original Mini Cooper one would work but probably be too small and I don’t want to play around with header tanks otherwise I’d try an MGB jobbie. Propshaft spacer is still being made, but it’s more of an adaptor than a spacer! And I’m currently waiting for fuel hose clips, a sheet of clear plastic and a roll of charcoal coloured vinyl. Today the airflow meter will be fitted and I may make a start on the dashboard or fitting the MX5 seats. I’ve also got to get a new UJ for the propshaft which seems hard to get hold of! I’ve got the number for the local proshaft people but it’s always engaged.

Photo time…

Oh, and I pulled the Acclaim exhaust off. Hardly had to touch it really. I’ll be repairing it once I make the Herald exhaust as I’ve got three meters of 2″ pipe sitting up the top of the garden but don’t want to wast it before I start bending. Until then it’s being driven around rather noisily.

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