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I’ll keep it short with the standard (all be it mini) photo dump.

I’ve been busy lately with the odd bit of drinking, socialising and spent a week in the Peak District climbing, except that turned into a week less half a day getting wet in the rain! The weather for the week before and after were brilliant, typical!

Since the last post I’ve played with the dash which is coming a long but needs a lot of tidying. I’m really not happy with it to be honest and you’ll see why. I’ve also now got an ash tray to fit so that’ll be useful for parking tokens and what not. I finally finished the bulkhead as well and got some paint slapped on. I keep saying it but will do again, this car isn’t meant to be pretty, I just want it to be fun! The brake lines are sorted and I’ll get some fluid in them today and check for leaks. The clutch is ready to be plumbed in. The cooling system is ready to have its final hoses cut and fixed into place. The propshaft and exhaust are bolted up. I also had to modify the speedo drive as it was hitting the chassis and prevented the gearbox from sitting on its mountings!

Jobs left to do (off the top of my head)
Fill/check brakes with fluid
Fill/check clutch with fluid
Bolt up cooling system
Fill/check cooling system
Fit fan
Attach two fuel lines together
Check/adjust wheel bearings
Complete dashboard
Fit seats
Relocate handbrake
Build gearbox tunnel
Fill gearbox

At some point:
Replace propshaft as the UJ’s are toast
Re-seal diff – not doing it at the moment as…
Replace diff with LSD

 photo 20140419_121938_zps772d14d5.jpg

 photo 20140505_154752_zps9e737359.jpg

 photo 20140503_161026_zps40bca2aa.jpg

 photo 20140516_162944_zps28acb2ff.jpg

 photo 20140520_122852_zps190432cb.jpg

 photo 20140520_123444_zps145824d4.jpg

 photo 20140520_124830_zps733bdeac.jpg

 photo 20140520_132740_zpse49abf39.jpg

 photo 20140520_134239_zpsccef538c.jpg

 photo 20140521_111624_zps09828850.jpg

 photo 20140521_124232_zps9fcf6cdc.jpg

 photo 20140521_140821_zpsc124c71a.jpg

 photo 20140521_180136_zps25379153.jpg

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