Are you sitting comfortably? You have a fan.

Yesterday saw some of the jobs ticked off. Brakes were filled and a leak found and fixed, clutch was filled and was fine, fuel hoses were completed and clipped into place on the chassis, the wheel bearing was tightened and the fan was located but not fitted. Plus some other jobs I can’t remember. I noticed today that the sleeve on the speedo cable has come adrift as expected so I’ll have to remember to address that tomorrow. And today, well not a lot seems to have happened! The sum total of todays efforts appears to be some matt black pieces of metal used to bolt the Mazda seats into the car. Not sure why it took so long other than I spent a bit of time thinking about how to do it. It also seems like trimming the gearbox was a good idea and everything looks like it sits just where I want it. It actually feels quite comfortable – but obviously hasn’t been tested properly yet. Excuse the radiators top hose. I misplaced the one I wanted to use so lashed this together but then found the one I wanted today! The fan required a bit of trimming to fit into place. I’ve got loads of room to bring the radiator forward if I want but as I’m using that original bottom hoses from the Mazda they dictated where it went. I’m trying to use as many standard parts as possible so that replacements are easy to obtain when something breaks. I’m also worried it may be too small and require replacing so don’t want to do anything more than get it running to test it at the moment. Anyhoo, some photos. Right now I’m very tired and very sore!

 photo 20140522_152919_zps8f8920c0.jpg

 photo 20140522_154450_zps9c032bc2.jpg

 photo 20140523_135817_zps8fc7d4bf.jpg

 photo 20140523_163827_zpsf9827373.jpg

 photo 20140523_122128_zpsdaa5b876.jpg

 photo 20140523_122143_zpsef097432.jpg

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