So last Friday I got the drivers seat fitted and all the brackets made and ended the day with their paint drying. Saturday I went to bolt down the passenger seat ready to see what I could do with the handbrake and… it didn’t bloody fit! I had no idea the runners were narrower than the drivers side and I’ve never seen a reference to it either so it hit me a little out of the blue. Looking at it a little closer showed the folds in the floorpan were only just going to allow me to do it. Then that was it for the day. I felt like shite, my back was killing me and a mate phoned to ask me to meet up with her. It never happened and I spent the rest of the day in bed!

Sunday was BBQ day so the only sensible thing to do was to put the Acclaim on the drive, remove the drivers seat to repair a tear then get some paste on the exhaust joint in the hope it would seal. It’s a never ending saga with this exhaust and I threw it together a few weeks back with no paste so it had to be done.

Monday came around and it was time to weld up the floorpan and drill some holes. All nice and simple but in order to get the seat sitting in the safest position it’s slightly nearer to the centre of the car than the drivers side. No choice really, unless I want it wonky, which I don’t. This also brought up the issue of the handbrake. The plan was to move it to the passenger side but I felt it would be too tight a gap and the seat being where it now is made it even tighter. Easy solution, move it right! This also gave more room as the shape of the floor means it was raised as well. Seems to be a happy accident but I’m happy with its location.

Yesterday was wiring time. I didn’t get very far but made/modified a couple of brackets, formulated a plan and got painting some car parts dove grey. 🙂 A large chunk of time was spent stripping the Herald of wires it’ll no longer need which was a good thing as I found a couple of melted wires for the horns. Guess what I’m doing today!

Oh, and here’s a photo showing how tight I am for space around the o/s of the bulkhead. Made to measure, much?

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