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The Acclaim radio died the other week and I’ve finally got around to replacing it – with the one which died in the Herald. It packed up when driving to The Plough early this year in heavy fog with the roof down. It started working again a couple of months later – after I’d bought a CD player to replace it!

Nice easy job really. Except it took a lot longer than I expected as I took many things apart in order to gain access to do it properly. I wanted to solder in some proper connections (NOT crimped on spade terminals) so the old radio can be put back if I ever want to. There were a couple of other small jobs fixed along the way too.

I mounted it as Barry suggested – using the bracket the old radio rested on. I took it out to cut a slot on it to put a bolt through to find there was no need to take it out as it already had a slot! It’s dark under the dash so I couldn’t see it. Still, removing it allowed me to cut some of the foam away easier. Here it is on the dash on the Herald, sans windscreen.

As I said, it’s dark under there. It’s also slightly tricky getting to the two screws holding the bracket in place.

Here’s the braket to hold the radio. This radio has a hole on the back which takes a 5mm screw which makes it all easy.

And here’s it all finished and installed. Not perfext but good enough for now.

I found out that the old radio was stereo, not mono like a thought. The wiring for another speaker is already in the car too and all I have to do is bolt in another behind the drivers side grill and it’ll work. 10 minute job. 🙂

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