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You’ve made the 2000 break!

I had to go to Cambridge yesterday so the plan was to jump in the 2000 around 5pm, do some shopping and get there for 6pm before going down the A1 to arrive at the pub around 7:30. I get in the 2000 and as I reverse hear horrible noises. All I had to hand was a very dim torch on a battery booster pack. From what I could see it appeared the plate the bottom of the suspension spring rests on was somehow half way up the spring. Rollocks! I can’t use the Herald right now so it was a case of using the Acclaim. It served me well and managed around 30mpg from my calculations.

Anyhoo, I’ve had a look at the 2000 this morning and this is what’s happened.

Somehow, as a couple of people suggested last night, the spring has failed. I guess the good news is that it didn’t happened whislt I was driving it. It gets used almost every other day and two days ago I was in the middle of the town centre. Two days before that I was in multistory carparks. It’s failed whilst parked up and not being used.

So now I have to deside what to do. I need two new front springs. Do I go for harder than standard? Do I replace all four on the car for peace of mind? Do I somehow convince myself that I need and can afford four, harder and lower springs… I’ll have a look at prices first I think!

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