I think something is missing…

Slowly getting there… Early start yesterday and got a fair bit done I guess. Interior out, propshaft off, exhaust off, gearbox out, alternator off, starter motor off, bonnet removed, front valance dropped and finally engine out. All done by hand with ropes I might add – no lifting gear. Only to find the flywheel is larger on the new engine. A bit of thinking and a call to Clive to confirm that if I bought a new clutch I’d need a new gearbox too as the number of splines would be different. So I took the option of drilling out the original flywheel on the engine I’m removing and then the plan was to get some new bolts for it this morning and put it all back together. It was a bit too late to get them last night as we didn’t finish until about half eight (then another half an hour trying to get the crap off in a shower). I completely lost track of time and missed something I shouldn’t have so was rather miffed with myself… Anyhoo, I’ve called around and visited a few places this morning to get my bolts and… no-one has any and/or is shut without warning. So I think an order will be placed with Canleys in a minute. Hopefully it’ll all be back together by Monday.

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