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Hi honey, I’m home

Oh my gosh I’m tired! Got back into the UK around 11:30 this morning. Where did I go? Take a  guess.

Friday – Gatwick to Kiev
Saturday – Tour of Chernobyl and Pripyat
Sunday – Tour of Pervomaysk missile base
Monday – Wander around Kiev
Tuesday – arrive home

I know it’s not Triumph related, but I’ll blog this to CT anyhoo as I think it’s rather cool. I’ve got 600 digital shots to wade through and around 150 film shots to get developed. This may take a while…

At last, something…

I lost my hosting and rather than go to the trouble of getting some more I’ve set up a simple blog. At some point I’ll do a proper site again but right now I can’t be arsed. I’ll only redesign it all and that’ll take ages…

I better make this about Triumphs then – that way I can submit it to the CT blog roll. With the odd bit of other junk thrown in. 😉

Expect one or two entries a year. 😛 😀