shocking quality of spares

The Moggy failed her MOT yesterday. Mostly on silly tings like a bolt missing here (I took a look – what a nutter must have owned the car before) and headlight adjustment. The tester made no comment on the huge plumes of smoke the car was producing – something which it hasn’t done before! Oh, and for some odd reason the rear off-side brake wasn’t working at all but I should have sorted that now.

But the worrying thing is this. All the flexible brake hoses are dangerous. I bought them in November last year and they’re dodoed. I’ve spoken to the place I got them from and they’re sending out replacements and say they’ve never heard of this happening before. But I’ve done my part by letting them know – the hoses on this Moggy were dangerous so who knows how many other cars have them fitted.

I was hoping to do some work on the Herald this week ready for Stafford but rain and the MOT failure have stopped me. The list was as followed;
Remove front bumper runner
Fill/sand/paint front valance
Fit newly painted front over-riders
Fit off-side sill
Remove/paint/fit rear over-riders
Remove rear bumper
Fill/sand/paint rear valance
Wire up my new spotlights

Then I was going to sort out the suspension!

acclaimed Acclaim

Last month was the annual award for the best Triumph in the car-park at the local meeting. The TSSC part of the area has been doing it for a while now with the idea being the pub landlord walks around and picks his favourite.

We’ve got a new landlord and he’s obviously a man with a keen eye as he picked my Acclaim. He focused on enthusiasm and originality. Not that I’m overly interested in that because I won and that’s all the matters! 🙂

To keep I’ve got a steering wheel trophy thingy and I’ve had my name engraved on one of the shields on the main award which I keep for a year and hand back when the next votes happen.

MOT time for the Moggy

The car’s booked in for 9:15am, I hope she passes. I’ve given her a quick look over this morning and it was a good job I did.  For some reason a front sidelight wasn’t working and when I fixed it the indicator stopped working. To get to the wires I had to remove the intake pipe for the heater which must have pulled a wire off the horn as that then failed.  Whoever put the crimp connections on those horn wires must have no idea how the use the crimp pliers. Anyhoo, that was then fixed.

The only thing(s) worrying me are the slow indicators and the sweep mark on the windscreen.  The indicators have never been slow before so maybe I need to get the engine bay nice and warm to help with that and she passed the last test with the windscreen marks – but that was up in Nottingham with a previous owner.  Oh, and maybe the bushes. I want to replace them but have no idea how bad they really are.

Fingers crossed.