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what’s the point – oh fudge

Following on from the breakdown in the Moggy I did a couple of small jobs on it when parts arrived on Friday. The car had been working fine since I gave the points a quick clean although it was rough on tick-over before it got warm. Here are some photos of the points, I think it’s safe to say it these were a problem… I replaced points and condenser in the dizzy, the HT leads, the spark plugs and the points in the fuel pump for double pointed things. All for the sum total of £25 including delivery. It runs like a dream now. More poke and the choke actually works!

And now the “oh fudge”. I’ve had rust coming up on my wing all winter and each time I treat it the rust is back the next day. I found out why this morning.

catch tank

For this make children, you will need;
1 old flask which has not been used for a few years and which has a curious smell which just won’t shift
1 straight 15mm compression joint
1 crankcase vent filter (£8.99 in Halfords – £3.99 eBay)
some glue
and a bit of pipe

The bits minus the filter

The compression joint attached to the flask. A ole was cut in the side and it was glued in and then the nut done up on the inside to bring it all together and maintain the sealed air space between the walls of the flask

And then the filter had to be glued onto the flask lid, after a hole was cut in it. To keep the number of pictures down here’s one of the whole thing on the car – it’s sitting tucked in the corner of where the near-side engine valance and radiator meet

And in this one you can just about make out what it’s caught in 20 miles when running without the filter (as I was waiting for it to arrive in the post) – almost all of it being water

All in all, it looks a bit like a small flask with a filter stuck on the top, which it is. But it’s a shiny stainless steel one, cost me less than £6 and can easily be removed to be emptied or removed. This is just a fiddle to see what difference it makes and to see what the engine was burning other than petrol and air. For now the mushroom is still on the inlet manifold but with a blanked off pipe preventing it from becoming an air-leak.

broke down – boo hiss

 The Moggy just cocnked out on me – the first time I’ve ever broken down when driving a car.

The other day when I was driving along the A505 the car faltered and carried on. As if the fuel supply was interrupted. The engine was just getting warm as I’d driven a couple of fast miles. Afterwards it was fine and I was sitting along at 55mph. The car had gone from Luton to Leighton Buzzard a couple of hours earlier without any issues.

Twice this week mum has started the car and within the space of 10 meters the car has died. I’ve been called out and got it started again. There is no fuel smell so it’s not a case of inexperience with chokes.

Just now I was driving along in a 60mph zone accelerating and doing 50mph. I’d only driven about a mile. The car faltered and I couldn’t get it to pick up so I put it into neutral to see if I could rev the engine to bring it back to life but when I did so the engine died. I pulled over and after a short time managed to get it to start.

Thinking it might be a bit of crap in the pipes and seeing the amount of muck in the float chamber I fitted a fuel filter yesterday. I couldn’t spot a piece of flexible pipe before the fuel pipe (it’s the standard electronic SU pump to my eyes) so fitted it after the pump. That way I would also be able to tell if there was fuel after the pump if the car died again – to try and narrow down what the problem was. When the car died today there was fuel in the filter so the problem is the pump or before the pump.

My logic says it’s unlikely to be crap in the lines because once it’s died and been brought back to life the car runs fine. So it must be electrical but again it’s odd that it’s fine afterwards. Unless the problem has just started and is going to get worse over time.

These fuel pumps have points don’t they? Possible those wearing out or in need of adjustment?

Each time I get the car started again I hear the fuel pump do a lot of clicking. It’s not until it does this that the car starts again and it does start instantly. I’ve assumed this is the pump priming itself or doing something similar which is why I initially though it was a blocked pipe before the fuel pump.

I’ve yet to look for another fuel filter in the car as I’ve not had the chance. Maybe there is one someone else has put on and that’s dirty. I’ll also look for a bit of flexible pipe on the car to fit one before the fuel pump.